Our Students’ Reality

Challenging financial circumstances severely impact the lives of our students, accounting for just one of the significant barriers they face to achieve higher education.

Many of our students do not hear English spoken at home and most live in homes where no parent has any college experience.

Bound For College, together with our school partners, assists in guiding and supporting our students through every step along their path toward success at college.

What We Do

  • Identify motivated students early in their high school years.
  • Hire Certified Teachers to tutor students after school on ACT/SAT exams for an average of two years.
  • Ensure our students take the ACT/SAT multiple times, creating a path for improvement in exam scores.
  • Facilitate college readiness enrichment activities including college tours to Florida’s public universities.
  • Provide college and scholarship application support with the guidance of teachers and advisors.
  • All of the above is offered to our students at no cost.

Our Impact in 2020-2021

Students increase their ACT/SAT national percentile ranking by an average of 23%

The majority of our students attend college DEBT FREE at Florida public universities or in some cases private top tier colleges.

2,100 hours of ACT/SAT tutoring delivered annually to our students.

Student Spotlight

Joneldina left Haiti as a young woman to live with her grandmother in Delray Beach. Upon arriving in the states, she enrolled in her local middle school where she quickly mastered English and excelled in her studies.

Early in her high school career, she read about Middlebury College and decided to set her sights on attending the very selective and competitive school. Joneldina was tutored by Bound For College for two years while remaining active in various other youth clubs around Delray Beach, including WiseTribe which was instrumental in her path to college. Her dream became a reality in Fall 2021 when she enrolled in Middlebury College with a full scholarship.